Fontanini Company & Fontanini Nativity Sets

The Fontanini Company has been in business for well over one hundred years. This family based business was first established in 1908 by Emanuele Fontanini. He lived in an Italian village within Tuscanny, Italy known as Bagni di Lucca. Italian culture is closely linked to the Christian holidays and Christmas is highly regarded by many Italian people. Italian people enjoy Christmas because it allows them honor the birth of Christ, spend time with their families and friends, to show good will toward all men and to express their faith through decorations and art.

Emanule Fontanini understood why Christmas is important to his people. So he began to sell Nativity Scenes to the public. Fontanini also recognized that the Manger Scene is one of the biggest and most important decorative items for the holiday season. When he first began his business he created small figurines based of this theme.

Fontanini’s descendants now operate his business. They create a wide variety of detailed figurines that can be used for any Nativity Scene collection. People can purchase a basic nativity set from the Fontanini Company and then add to it every holiday season. Building up nativity sets over the years is a time honored tradition for many collectors. Set collectors typically start off with a basic set and expand them as a hobby or pass time.

Fontanini-Nativity-SceneStationary nativity sets are called static scenes. They allow people to create and add unique characters to each set. Every time they add a figure to their set they present the Nativity story in a brand new way. The original story of the birth of Jesus only included Mary, Joseph, shepherds and the Baby Jesus. However, people added lambs, angels, the Three Wisemen, Old Testament Prophets and famous biblical personalities such Moses, King David and Lot. Even though people like to add different characters into the scene their intention is not to alter real meaning of the birth of Christ.

Some of the latest Fontanini figurines include a 6pc Fontanini Nativity Figure Set and Stable. This particular nativity set is made out of Italian wood and other durable materials. The set has five figures which include baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, an angel and a young lamb. The Baby Jesus figurine can be removed from the crib and the piece makes a good starter piece for a nativity collection. Fontanini also makes a Nativity Figure Set with a Lighted Stable. The light on the set adds a special aurora to the nativity scene.

Figurines are at the heart of the Nativity Scene and some of the newest creations by Fontanini include Mark the Shepherd’s Apprentice, Judah the Farmer, Annah the Little Drummer Angel and Gloria the Angel. These characters add designed to add depth ti sets by introducing new characters into the Nativity environment. Fontanini makes Nativity Christmas Trees, 7’ Cyrus Boy with Camel and they also make various ornaments that feature this theme.

The Fontanini family not only makes biblical characters for the sets, they also make Italian figurines that are based off Italian people’s lives during the middle ages. Fontaninin nativity characters include bakers, young maids with lambs, camels, craftsmen and merchants. Most cultures create nativity themes that reflect their heritage and ethnicity and the Fontanini set designers does the same thing with their pieces. They also make scaled bread stands, crucifixes, glitter dome globes miniature houses, musicians stand and shops. They even have a Nativity scene that features a working water pump. Miniature town squares, windmills, produce stands, wine maker shops and kings tents are all available for sale. Other items include ducks, geese, roosters, cats, deer, dogs and figurines of Jesus as an adult are all available for purchase from Fontanini.

Most of Fontanini products consist of small figurines for display within a home. However, this home based business also makes large sized statues. The statues can be used in outdoor environments or public places. They create life sized baby sheep, donkeys, ox and mangers that feature the baby Jesus. Items are sold in sizes that range from 3.5 inches all the way up to 70 inches in length or height. Each scale is hand painted to detail and is made out of a durable polymer that is resistant to cracks and breakage. Since the Fontanini Company is located in the small village of Bagni di Lucca, Italy most customers will have to order their merchandise online and have it shipped to their homes from this from this family business.