Nativity Scene History

The Nativity And The Santon Tradition In Provence, France

Anyone who has visited Provence in southeast France in December and January cannot have failed to notice the wonderful nativity scenes on display throughout the region and the incredible variety of the detailed, hand painted figures. The tradition of santon making (santon means little saint) began in 1789 when the churches were closed after the […]

Three Kings, Three Gifts: Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh

Most people in this culture are familiar with the story of the Nativity Scene; the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph were staying in a manger when the Baby Jesus was born. Three Kings followed the bright star of Bethlehem all the way to the manger to find the new baby, and worship him and […]

The Nativity Scene – St. Francis’ Great Gift to the World

St. Francis of Assisi was a soldier long before he became one of the world’s greatest religious figures. During the early years of the 13th century, Assisi was heading off to fight a war against a rival city known as Perguia in Central Italy. Assisi fought in the initial battle but he was captured and […]

Famous & Noteworthy Nativity Scenes

The nativity scene is the most well-known display in the entirety of the world. It illustrates the birth of Jesus according to the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Although all nativity scenes have their own unique elements all are trying to accomplish the same mission. To properly embrace and depict the birth of our Lord […]