Nativity Scene Art

The Best Nativity Scene Yard Displays

Nativity scene outdoor yard displays are one of the best things about Christmas time.  Of course many outdoor displays are at churches but more and more individuals are putting up their own yard displays.  Many are homemade but if your wanting to share the nativity with your neighborhood and are looking for a quicker option […]

Best Nativity Scene Greeting Cards

Every year as Christmas nears people around the world send greeting cards to friends and loved ones.  As the culture becomes more and more secularized its is becoming somewhat difficult to find quality greeting cards featuring the reason for the season, Jesus Christ.  So we thought we’d remove some of the searching for you and […]

Fontanini Company & Fontanini Nativity Sets

The Fontanini Company has been in business for well over one hundred years. This family based business was first established in 1908 by Emanuele Fontanini. He lived in an Italian village within Tuscanny, Italy known as Bagni di Lucca. Italian culture is closely linked to the Christian holidays and Christmas is highly regarded by many […]

10 Famous Nativity Scene Paintings

Artwork has found for its medium an interesting concept: the Nativity Scene. A Nativity Scene, which is basically a picture of Christ being born of humble beginnings, has been made now for literally centuries from Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and German artists. These artists have all added their own contributions to this wonderful story of the […]